Research trials and studies in Western Australia

Combatting blindness in people with diabetes

Take part in a world-first GP-led trial to screen your eyes and help combat blindness.

Contact GP Superclinic at the Midland Railway Workshops ph: (08) 9374 7000

The effect of lupin-enriched food on blood sugar and blood pressure control in type 2 diabetes

Participants should be between 40-75years of age, non-smokers and don't require insulin.

Email Natalie Ward here or call (08) 92667520

How's your blood pressure?

UWA Professor Markus Schlaich is helping coordinate May Measurement Month - a free global health initiative urging West Australias to have their blood pressure checking during May.

Email Derrin Brockman here or phone (08)9224 0209

The effects of blood sugar levels on exercise performance with type 1 diabetes

Participants need to be aged between 14-26, have had type 1 diabetes for more than a year with a HbA1c <9% and be free from an illness which would affect their ability to undertake exercise testing.

Email Karen Rothacker here or ph: (08) 9340 8744

How does glucose lowering medication reduce the risk of death from cardiovascular disease?

This trial is looking for participants with obesity/diabetes or prediabetes.

Find out more here (08) 9224 0306

Calcium build-up and hardening of the arteries in people with diabetes

Royal Perth cardiology team are looking for participants aged between 50-80 to take part in a study. 

Find out more here

Effect of habitual food intake on glycaemic control in individuals with type 1 diabetes

This research project at the University of Western Australia is to determine if there is a relationship between daily carbohydrate intake and glycaemic control, frequency of hypoglycaemic events, fear of hypoglycaemia, insulin dosage, physical activity participation, body composition and blood lipoprotein profiles in individuals with T1DM in a free-living setting.

You can download more information here

Predictive Low Glucose Management (PLGM) Study

WA youngsters and adults with type 1 diabetes are helping researchers develop a more advanced artificial pancreas system that promises to reduce the stigma of the chronic disease.

In a world first trial, Princess Margaret Hospital will start recruiting up to 200 diabetics this month to test an advanced insulin delivery system, called a “hybrid closed loop”, over six months.

This new “second generation” pump system is designed to control glucose levels automatically with limited input from patients who only need to enter their carbohydrate levels into the equipment at meal times.

Further details are available here

Type 1 diabetes - Avoiding hypoglycemia during and after exercise

Are you between 18-35 and interested in participating? Researchers at UWA need you help.

Participant flyer.pdf

Lupin foods and blood sugar levels for people with type 2 diabetes

Volunteers are needed for a study on the effects of lupin-enriched foods for type 2 diabetes.

Lupin foods & type 2 diabetes.jpg

The T4DM Study

Are you male aged between 50 and 74 years?

T4DM is a study into whether diet and testosterone can prevent type 2 diabetes in men who have prediabetes and relatively low testosterone.

We will be recruiting about 1500 men who do not have diabetes across Australia to join the study. Study participation will last approximately 2 years.

Visit for more information.

Other Clinical Trials in Australia

Hypoglycaemia prevention with predictive suspension of insulin delivery

The Australasian Paediatric Endocrine Group (APEG) - Australasia Diabetes Data Network

Intranasal Insulin Trial (INIT II)

Adolescent Type 1 Diabetes Cardio-Renal Intervention Trial (AdDit)

Type 1 diabetes prevention trial

Clinical Trial Connect

Australian Clinical Trials

Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials

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