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Blog #1

Parental guilt: time to act on diabetes-related trauma.

Parental guilt, often coupled with depression and anxiety, is a huge issue for mums and dads of kids diagnosed with type 1 that can range from wondering if they’ve somehow contributed to their child developing it to, commonly, feeling guilty about not picking up the symptoms earlier, or wishing they didn’t have to live with the stress of managing the chronic condition (research has shown parents perceive a type 1 diabetes diagnosis as causing significant family disruption), and more.

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Blog #2

Diabetes & Depression - it's time we talked.

As many as half of all people living with diabetes are believed to be affected by anxiety or depression but despite the large numbers, it’s an issue that can be taboo. So let's talk...

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Blog #3

It's time to remove sugary drinks from the workplace!

It’s true that to achieve real change people have to be motivated and that no one strategy will be a “cure all” but it’s also true that helping people make better choices is a valuable step towards helping reduce rising rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

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Blog #4

Leaving your diabetes research legacy

Leaving a gift to a charity in your Will is a decision normally given a considerable amount of thought and is usually motivated by a desire to make an ongoing difference to the lives of those you love, and others more broadly.

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Blog #5

Diabetes research frustration

Medical research can take a very long time. Breakthroughs can be few and far between and waiting for them can be frustrating. How do we know?

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