Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving for individuals

What is workplace giving?

Workplace Giving is an affordable way for employees to make a donation to DRWA from their pretax salary/wage. This allows an immediate tax refund rather than waiting for an end of year claim. 

Many organisations have also chosen to match employee donations increasing the overall donation and impact.

How do I get involved?

Check with your workplace to see if they have a workplace giving program. If they do then request Diabetes Research WA be added to the list of charities. You can complete this form and give it to you payroll officer. If not, inquire if your employer would be willing to set one up.  More information can be found here



Workplace Giving for organisations and business'

  • Workplace Giving provides a low cost, simple way of creating community partnerships whilst building employee morale.
  • This lets employees donate to a charity from their pre-tax pay. The employee receives an immediate tax refund knowing they are supporting a cause important to them.
  • Many employers are now matching their employees’ donations as part of their giving programs
  • Research shows that over 60% of employees say their primary motivation for donating through workplace giving is that their employer matches donations.
  • In addition to workplace giving donations, employers can encourage employees to share their time and skills with their workplace giving charity partners.
  • Here are some of the research projects we have been able to support from our Corporate Partners.

How does our business/organisation get involved?

We endorse workplace giving as a key component of any corporate responsibility program. Talk to us about how you and your employees can support us through workplace giving and make giving count. Or visit the ATO for information about how to set up workplace giving.

Like to know more? Please cal our Executive Director Sherl Westlund, on 08 9224 1006 or send an email


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