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On the eve of National Diabetes Week in July 2019, Key West Coast Eagles forward Jamie Cripps announced his official role as Ambassador for Diabetes Research WA. He’s also helping spearhead Help Crippa Kick Diabetes Research Goals – a campaign to raise $60,000 to fund one of our annual diabetes research grants.

“I’ve not let my diabetes stop me from playing AFL or doing anything else I dream about but diabetes is difficult to manage even with new technologies and it’s relentless – you can’t not think about it for even a day so those of us who live with it, and those around us, still can’t give up on the idea of a cure,” said Cripps.

“My dad, John, has lived with type 1 diabetes for 32 years now too so this is a hope for both of us, as well as everyone around the world whose lives are impacted by it.”

Cripps was diagnosed with the autoimmune condition – of which the root cause remains unknown – a week before the AFL’s national draft in 2010 at the age of 18. He manages his diabetes with daily insulin injections and careful monitoring of his blood glucose levels.

“I’d worried ever since having kids that they may develop diabetes like I did because I know how hard it is to live with,” said Jamie’s dad, John.

“When Jamie was admitted to hospital seriously ill just before the draft, I was shattered but he’s tackled the challenge head-on and I’m proud he’s doing his bit to raise awareness of the condition,”

“I’m grateful that I can manage my diabetes well thanks to research advances, including the discovery of insulin many years ago now, but you definitely lose some freedom when you’re diagnosed – it’s a burden it would definitely be great to live without,” explained Jamie.

“I’m hopeful that by taking on this role with Diabetes Research WA, I can highlight the need for more research into all forms of diabetes.”

Every dollar counts. To donate to Help Crippa Kick Diabetes Research Goals head to

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Like to see the different ways and events where you can help us? Take a look at Everyday Hero It's easier than you think. Grab your tribe and help us find the solutions!

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These guys are amazing. And they have pushed themselves to the limit.....we're so proud. Our support squad keeps growing. From all of us at DRWA thank you!

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Yes....we joined the HBF Run For A Reason!! These generous and determined people helped raise funds for us. Their why, their heartfelt stories drive us to continue our work. You can read more by clicking on their photo. We are incredibly grateful for this support, every bit helps us make sure life with diabetes is the best it can be along the way to a cure. Want to know more on how you can help? Send us an email

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