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  When you loose a loved one to diabetes it can be a  traumatic and stressful time.

  You can honour your loved one by making a donation to our research and give the gift of hope to family and friends.



 How does a memorial gift help ?

A memorial gift ensures research continues in to all aspects of diabetes in Western Australia. Research is the only way we can find solutions to diabetes and the compilations that can develop. We have world-class research working tirelessly to find the answers and we believe we will have significant breakthroughs in the not to distant future.

 Here are some ways you can honour your loved one and some information on how to go about this:

 Gift in lieu of flowers

You can ask family and friends to give a small donation to Diabetes Research WA in lieu of flowers . You can use the following wording with the funeral notice

Donations in lieu of flowers can be sent to Diabetes Research WA, GPO Box X2213, Perth WA 6847 or via our donations page.

 Memorial gift

Family and friends can make a donation in memory of a loved one on the day of the funeral. We have envelopes for this purpose and can send you a memorial kit. We can also send this to the funeral director if you wish as they are familiar with this and will happily help you o the day. Once the funeral is over you can send the donations to us or deposit directly in to our bank account. We are happy to send receipts to those that have donated. Please send the envelopes to us with this information so we can take care of this for you.

 Envelopes for a funeral

We are happy to send envelopes to you or the funeral director for the funeral. Please contact us on +61 8 92241006

 Information for funeral directors

Memorial gift kits area available and can be ordered by phone +61 8 92241006 or email.

Diabetes Research WA is doing everything possible to find solutions,
but we need your help. Find out how you can contribute.


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