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Our mission is to:

  • find a cure for diabetes

  • prevent diabetes related complications from developing

  • develop better diabetes managements and treatments systems

Facts about diabetes:

  • There are over 400 million people living with diabetes around the world
  • In Australia 280 people develop diabetes every day. That's enough to fill the MCG every year!
  • Every 6 seconds someone dies from diabetes complications
  • All types are increasing
  • The cost of diabetes is staggering. Over $14 billion annually in Australia.

Research has made a huge difference for those living with diabetes; from newer improved methods of insulin administration and frequency to a reduction in heart, kidney, eye and nerve disorders. The improvement to quality of life, both personal and work related, has been outstanding.

But research needs to be stepped up if we are going to make any real difference. It's urgent, it's necessary and it's vital.

Becoming a corporate partner:

  • Fulfills corporate responsibility requirements and expectations
  • is emerging as one of the most important PR exercises of modern times
  • increases retention rates as employee's see it as a way of building trust with community

Past corporate support has:

  • Enabled the establishment of the Centre for Diabetes Research) in Perth, Western Australia which conducts world class research
  • Ensured our database is current and designed specifically for our purpose
  • Delivered results that feed into the bigger research picture
  • Enabled the purchase of state-of-the-art research equipment
  • Allowed us to enjoy a continuous online presence to deliver information

We invite and welcome you to consider partnering with us to ensure dedicated and world-class research continues into diabetes.

Partnering opportunities are available for:

Ideas for workplace fundraising events

  • Casual dress day
  • Golf/ sports tournament
  • Rewards program
  • Donation/ swear box
  • Social events

We offer generous recognition to our corporate partners tailored to your specific requirements. If you would like to speak with someone, please contact our Executive Director Sherl Westlund on either 08 9224 1006/ 0411483742 or via email

Diabetes Research WA is doing everything possible to find solutions,
but we need your help. Find out how you can contribute.


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