Diabetes (in all its forms) is in increasing at alarming rates. Most of us know someone who is affected or living with diabetes.

We urgently need your help to turn this around. The complications are serious for all types; please make a secure donation today so we can find the cures.


"I wish some clever person could find a cure for me and my friends. I've had about 5,500 needles and over 6,000 blood sugar tests" Kirsten - 9 years old.

What do we do?

We make sure researchers and scientists continue to be able to find the answers to diabetes in all its forms. Millions of people live with diabetes around the world and every 6 seconds someone dies from the complications. It's serious and we take this seriously. We must find better ways to live well with diabetes until we find the cures!!

We need help our researchers and scientists so they can continue to find the cures.

The best way to help is by making a donation today. You can call us on +61 8 92241006 for a chat if you would like to know more.

Here are the easiest easy to donate:

  • Credit Card -  please enter your details directly into the secure form below.
  • Paypal - click on Paypal button below
  • Cheque - make a the cheques out to Diabetes Research WA and send to GPO Box X2213 Perth WA 6847.
  • Bank transfer - BSB: 306 057 Account number: 4159501
  • Money order - made out by your bank ans send to us as per above.

We will send you a receipt and our latest update on research..... Thank you :)

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Diabetes Research WA is doing everything possible to find solutions,
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