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Diabetes Research WA* is a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) licensed charity with both the Australian Charity and Not-for-profit Commission (ACNC) and the Department of Commerce in Western Australia whose purpose is to raise funds for research into all aspects of diabetes.

We have funded research projects into diabetes since 1978, injecting over $5m into research since then.

80% of funds raised end up in research!

Diabetes Research WA was instrumental in establishing the Perth-based Centre for Diabetes Research (CDR) in 2005 which employs over 15 researchers at any given time. The sole purpose at the CDR is to conduct world-class research into diabetes under the guidance of Professor Grant Monahan. You can find out more about the CDR here

We are intensely passionate about our work and believe we will find the solutions to diabetes by backing world-leading West Australian research.

Our mission is to raise much-needed funds to allow the state’s best researchers to:

  • Investigate the causes and complications of all forms of diabetes
  • Search for new ways to prevent and control diabetes
  • Discover a cure for diabetes

We understand the significant and growing impact diabetes is having on individuals, families and the broader community and so recognize the urgency of our work.


Our Vision

'To find a cure for diabetes'

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 Our Mission

To support research into the:

  • causes 
  • complications and
  • cure of diabetes

We aim to achieve our vision and mission by:

  • raising sufficient funds to support financially researchers and their work relating to diabetes and the prevention, control or cure of that disease found,
  • contributing to scholarships, fellowships or travel grants for the purpose of promoting research into diabetes

More about Diabetes Research WA:

*business name for the Diabetes Research Foundation of WA Inc. ABN 43 743 957 408

Diabetes Research WA is doing everything possible to find solutions,
but we need your help. Find out how you can contribute.


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